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1. Reservations​

  • Holidays require a 3-night minimum reservation. All cabins are non-smoking.

  • You must be at least 25 years of age to rent a cabin

  • Only persons with a valid charge card and drivers license can make a reservation and that person must be present during the entire stay, with the understanding they are also responsible for any and all damages that occur during the reservation.

  • Rates shown for each cabin are with the understanding that occupancy will not be greater than the defined “maximum occupancy” per cabin listed on, Failure to comply will be an additional $100 per person/per night charge and you will be asked to leave the property. These maximums are set for fire code and insurance purposes and can not be exceeded for any reason, no matter the age of the guest.




Late Check-outs will be charged a rate of $20/hour if prior permission has not been received.



14 days or more notice = Full Refund : 8-13 days notice = 50% Refund : 7 Days or less = No Refunds



WE DO NOT ALLOW PETS and you will be asked to leave the property without a refund. Additionally, if the cleaning crew notifies us that pets were in the cabin, a minimum $200 fee will be added to your bill, plus the cost of any damages.


4. PLEASE, NO!!!!!!…

No smoking inside ANY CABIN. Renter will be charged an additional $250 if there is evidence of smoking indoors.  Please, Please, close the cabin doors when you are outside smoking as the smoke will go inside and smell up the cabin.

No tents or RV parking/hookup on cabin property. Hooking up an RV will be assessed a $100 per night fee in addition to an over-occupancy failure to comply fee of $100 per night/per person, if applicable.

No gun firing of any type (including BB guns and air-soft). Evidence of such will be reported to proper authorities, you will be charged for clean up/damages and you will be evicted.

DO NOT move any furniture other than chairs. No beds, couches, tables, televisions, etc, should ever be moved.


Includes broken items, stained linens, towels, or furniture.

Firefly Cabins reserves the right to determine if damage to or loss of items in the cabin is due to negligence or malicious intent. If negligence or malicious intent is determined, the guest will be charged accordingly for damages.

  • All cabins are inspected before your arrival.

  • Any damages found at the cabin after your check-out will be charged to the credit card on file.

  • It is your responsibility to report any damage during the first 2-hours of your arrival. Reporting damages after this time period is not valid.

  • Stained or torn linens or furnishings will be charged at least the cost of a full replacement.



There are no additional charges for cleaning your cabin if it is left in a "tidy" condition. Additional cleaning fees will be billed to your credit card if the cabin requires additional cleaning above our normal cleaning service. Examples of "tidy" include:

  • TAKE your trash through-out your stay to our dumpster across the road from Cabin 5E.

  • Dishes washed or soaking in hot soapy water in the sink.

  • No cigarette butts or trash, including pet droppings found on cabin property.

  • Furniture must be arranged in its original location

  • All cabin amenities (games, toys, decorations etc.) put away neatly in their original condition.

  • No food left on: grill, stovetop, oven or microwave.

  • No spills or “accidents” left unattended.



You are renting a privately owned Cabin, this is NOT a Corporately owned Resort.  Each owner has taken it upon themselves to stock and supply a variety of amenities for each cabin. Each cabin is different in what is provided; however, all items within each cabin are considered personal property, and you are entitled to only use them during your stay and return them in the same condition. This means all cooking ware, coffee makers, Tv's, DVD players, Movies, Books, Board games, Playing cards, Remote controls, Posters, cup holders, ashtrays......any and all things that you the renter did not bring yourself....these items are the personal property of each cabin owner and any theft of these items will be turned over to the proper authorities, and you will be banned from returning to Lobo in the future.



  • Items (non-perishable) if found in the cabin after you leave are kept for one week. If we have not received a call or email from you about your items, they are donated to local charities.

  • We will mail your items back to you for the cost of total postage plus $25 handling fee.

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